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Man Abandons Young Stepdaughters After Crashing Car (Photos)

Man Abandons Young Stepdaughters After Crashing Car (Photos) Promo Image

Police in Florida are searching for a man who they said abandoned his two young stepdaughters after he ran a stop sign and crashed into another vehicle.

Haines City Police said Armando De Dios Cruz was driving with his 6-year-old and 13-year-old stepdaughters when he ran a stop sign and hit another vehicle, according to WTVT.

The crash caused De Dios Cruz's vehicle to roll over, ejecting the 6-year-old girl from the car.

Following the crash, the stepfather reportedly fled, leaving the two children to fend for themselves.

"What do you think of a person like that?" said Haines City Police Chief Jim Elensky. "I think they are a dirtbag. Of course, he gets the stepfather of the year award."

De Dios Cruz was reportedly driving his stepdaughters home from a birthday party when the crash occurred.

According to WTVT, De Dios Cruz should not have been behind the wheel at all. There is no record of him having a driver's license.

The Haines City Police Department shared a post about the incident on its Facebook page.

"How's THIS for parenting?" the department wrote in a post. "Armando De Dios Cruz was driving his 6-year old and 13-year old stepdaughters on 1/21/18, when he violated the right-of-way of another driver. When the vehicle crashed and rolled over, the 6-year-old was ejected from the vehicle. As if that wasn't enough, Armando fled the scene without checking on the welfare of either child! The driver of the vehicle he hit also sustained a broken wrist. By the way, Armando does not have a valid driver's license. A warrant has been issued for Armando's arrest, and we currently have the following charges - Leaving the scene of a crash with injury and Child Neglect. #Parentoftheyear."

Facebook users shared their thoughts on the shocking story in the comments of the police department's post.

"What a poor excuse for a human being let alone parent," one user commented. "This man is no parent he is a sperm donor and shouldn’t be allowed to see the light of day or these kids again. Great job HCPD and I know y’all will find him and bring him to justice! Prayers for those sweet babies"

"It doesn't matter race, kids were involved," another reader added. "He took on the responsibility when he dated the mother, so treat them as your own. Even if you're scared, kids come first. Legal stuff will come later. Make sure the kids are taken care of. That's part of being a parent or step parent."

Sources: WTVTHaines City Police Department/Facebook / Featured Image: Edward Kimmel/Flickr / Embedded Images: Haines City Police Department/Facebook

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