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Man, 80, Suffers Broken Ribs From Police Who Feared for Their Lives (Video)

Bill Swan, 80, was allegedly beaten by police last Thursday in Lone Star, Mo., after he objected to a utility crew digging on his land.

“Police got there and told him to get off his tractor, he was on his own property, and said, ‘I don’t have to get off my tractor,’” Swan's grandson Tim told told Fox 4 KC. “They maced him, then drug him off the tractor."

The grandfather and army veteran ended up with a bloodied face, bruised hip and two broken ribs (video below).

“He’s 80, he’s a veteran, and he has had cancer,” added Swan's wife Libby. “It’s obvious they used excessive force. He had abrasions on his face that were bleeding, he complained of pain on his right side.”

However, police claim that Swan tried to drive over them with his tractor, physically assaulted the officers and tried to reach for one cop's gun.

Tim claims his grandfather is almost deaf and requires assistance just getting up stairs.

Swan was arrested for assault on an officer, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest, but his wife feels they are the victims.

"I'm afraid for us to even drive out of our driveway or to get on the street. I don't know what they will do," Swan's wife Libby told KCTV. "It's very unnerving that something happened to him,"

"If I was here and someone was trying to get into my house, I don't think I would call [the police]," added Libby. "I think I would call the highway patrol or someone like that."

However, Lone Star Police Chief William Forbes claimed officers handled the situation correctly.

“They were in fear of their lives," said Chief Forbes. "It doesn't matter how old a man is if he's on a tractor and he's trying to run you over.”

Sources: Fox 4 KC, KCTV


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