Man, 71, Shoots and Kills Man for Allegedly Robbing His Wife (Video)


Ronney Lummus, 71, and his wife were outside a grocery store in Dallas, Tx., on Tuesday night when Mike Carmillio allegedly pushed Lummus' wife to the ground and stole her necklace.

According to WFAA, Lummus, who has a license to carry a concealed gun, pulled out his weapon and shot Carmillio as he tried to drive away.

“It was, like, about six shots? I guess the last two that’s when they hit and he hit the other car that was parked,” witness Yadira Juarez told CBS Dallas-Fort Worth (video below).

“I was shocked, you never seen nothing like it, you know? You always see it in movies, but not in person,” added Juarez.

Juarez says she tried render aid to Carmillio, but he was dead, so she turned her attention to Lummus' wife.

“We were trying to see if [Mrs. Lummus] was okay but she was on the ground, she was shaking, we were trying to make sure she was okay and just giving her water," said Juarez.

Dallas police believe the shooting was self-defense, but a grand jury will decide whether or not to charge Lummus with a crime.

WFAA reports, "Under Texas law, a person can legally shoot someone who is robbing them if they think just after the robbery, that is the only way they are going to be able to recover their property. The shooting must also occur as the robbery is taking place, a person could not hunt down the suspect later."

Sources: WFAA, CBS Dallas-Fort Worth


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