Man With 6 Fingers On Each Hand 'Flips Bird' With 2 Fingers (Photos)


Most people are born with five fingers on each hand, but sometimes things don’t go the way we hope and a person ends up with extra digits.

That’s what happened to Reddit user “the_cozy_zone’s” father, who recently posted photos of his six-fingered hands, The Blaze reports.

“My dad’s thumbs are there and just would not bend at the knuckle, but are fully formed and can be moved at the base of the fingers,” the_cozy_zone wrote. “That is what happened with mine as well so I had to have my thumbs removed and they moved my extra fingers to where my thumbs were because they would bend and I could use them for thumbs. I had my surgery in the late 80s, and it didn’t look the greatest, but most people say they haven’t noticed them until I’d say something.”

Warning: The following photo shows how a man with six fingers on each hand flips the bird with two fingers.

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When a person or animal is born with extra fingers, which is a dominant trait, it is called polydactyly.

Apparently, the condition runs in the_cozy_zone’s family, undergoing surgery on 12 toes when he was young.

His first daughter also had 12 fingers and 12 toes, but she was stillborn at 32 weeks gestation. His second daughter, however, was born with 10 digits on each hand and foot.

According to the National Institutes of Health, polydactyly can be genetically passed down in families or as a result of a genetic disease.

New research in mice reveals that polydactyly is the result from an error in one gene, which leads to cellular malfunction.

“Dr. [Licia] Selleri and her colleagues have discovered that an unexpected cellular pathway is involved in the generation of extra digits,” Dr. Lorette Javois with the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development said in a statement. “The findings expand what we know about genetic pathways involved in normal limb development and offer researchers a new direction in which to search for human mutations.”

Sources: The Blaze, RedditNational Institutes of Health (2) / Image Credit: the_cozy_zone/imgur


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