Man With 150 Traffic Arrests Kills Four-Year-Old Boy In Hit And Run (Video)


A man who has been arrested around 150 times has been sentenced to five years in prison for a hit and run accident that killed a four-year-old boy.

Ricky R. Weeden Sr. pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter, driving with a revoked license and leaving the scene of a crash. The accident, which happened in October 2012, killed four-year-old Traye-Shon Williams. Williams and his 10-year-old brother Jay'shard were walking across an intersection together when Weeden accidentally hit both of them. Traye-Shon died at the scene, Jay’shard was badly injured and Weeden immediately fled.

Officers later found Weeden’s car and three days later, he was charged for the hit and run death.

After accepting a plea deal, Weeden will now serve five years in prison. Reports claim that Weeden has been arrested nearly 150 times and has been convicted of six DUIs. Weeden’s license was taken away back in 1993, and ten years prior, he was involved in an accident that killed two women.

Weeden will reportedly only serve less than two years behind bars for the accident because his 20 months spent in prison during the court proceedings have been credited to him.

Sources:, Fox 2 News, CBS St. Louis


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