Mama Bear Caught On Camera Saving Cub From Busy Canadian Highway (VIDEO)

A black bear in Canada was caught on camera rescuing her cub from a busy highway.

According to the Daily Mail, the little cub was at Kootenay National Park, which is located in southeastern British Columbia, Canada, when it found itself trapped on the road this weekend.

The video below shows the frightened cub nervously backing away from the oncoming traffic after it was separated from its family.

Just in time, mama bear’s maternal instincts kicked in and with a second cub by her side, she reaches over the concrete barrier and pulls the cub by the head and to safety.

Ricky Forbes, who chases tornadoes for a living, was driving when he spotted the black bear sitting close to the road and stopped to get a shot of the the incredible moment.

“We pulled over the car and we could see the cub on the side of the highway. It was screaming,” Forbes told CTV Vancouver.

He posted the video to Newsflare, where he wrote: “While watching the cub we saw the mama bear stick [its] head over the barrier to save [its] young from its dangerous predicament. A very amazing sight to see.”

The rescue comes less than a week after a black bear was fatally hit along the Trans-Canada Highway near Yoho National Park, and motorists have been reminded to keep an eye out for animals on the road.

On May 14, wildlife staff responded to a report from one of their Parks Canada colleagues about a dead adult bear near the Ottertail viewpoint.

“It was very clearly hit by a vehicle,” Brianna Burley, human/wildlife conflict specialist, told the Calgary Herald.

The collision was not reported, but they found some debris on the highway.

The death of the bear was the first roadway mortality of the year in the mountain parks, Burley said.

“It’s an important reminder that spring is here,” she said. “Green up is occurring along the roadside. We’re seeing a lot of animals.”


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