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Malnourished, Tortured Boy Found Handcuffed To Porch Tells His Story

A teenage boy from North Carolina who was found handcuffed to a porch with a dead chicken slung around his neck two years ago broke his silence in a series of interviews posted on June 30 and shared his story about the gruesome incident. 

Now a 13 years old, he was 11 in 2013 when police made the discovery on the porch belonging to Dorian Harper and his girlfriend Wanda Sue Larson while responding to an animal abuse call. 

Harper and Larson acted as the boy’s foster parents. 

Before the incident, Larson served in a management position for North Carolina's Union County’s Department of Social Services, while Harper worked as a nurse at Carolinas Medical Center-Union. 

The victim sat for an exclusive interview with Charlotte, North Carolina's WBTV, and requested that his name and voice be changed, and face kept concealed. 

“Michael,” as he is addressed, spoke of the moment when a police officer found him on the porch. 

“He came up to the porch and, well, I don’t know what he said at first, but he saw the handcuffs and he said, ‘Why are you handcuffed to the porch?’” Michael recalled. “And I said, ‘because they didn’t want me to run away.’”

Although Michael suspected the police officer wouldn’t believe him, he said he felt “really nervous and happy” after he was discovered.

He also spoke of one of his scars on his arm, reportedly inflicted by Harper after accusing him of hurting a chicken. 

“So he came in, and he had the needle … and he did that. Then he put salt on it … and it stung a lot and it hurt. He made me bleed,” Michael said. 

Although Harper was found to be the one with the most offenses against Michael in court, Michael wanted to add his thoughts on Larson. Michael couldn't testify during trial due to plea deals from prosecutors, reports NY Daily News.

“She abused me too and she knew that Dorian was abusing me, too,” he said. “But she didn’t stop it. She just added on to it.”

Michael said, "She deserves to be in jail for a long, long time.”

Officials began an investigation after their visit to the home, where they removed five children between the ages of 8 and 14. They also removed 11 dogs. 

Larson was released from prison nine days after pleading guilty. She is now free on probation after being released from the Union County Jail. 

Dorian Harper is serving his sentence in Caledonia State Prison after pleading guilty to three felonies, including assault with a deadly weapon, child abuse and maiming without malice. 

Michael lives with his biological mother now, although a hearing is scheduled to take place over the nature of their arrangement. 

“Now I finally get to be back with my mom, and it was a long time that I had to wait until I could come back,” Michael said. 

Michael is also attending therapy two times a week. 

Sources: WBTV(2) NY Daily News
Photo Credit: WBTV screenshot NY Daily News


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