Controversial Photo Of Malia Obama Goes Viral (Photos)


Malia Obama sparked controversy for the outfit she was wearing in photos caught by photographers.

The former first daughter was caught by photographers wearing a rather large coat and a green cap on her head while at the Sundance Film Festival, where she was reportedly interning for producer Harvey Weinstein. 

Malia's presence was certainly noticed at the festival, with many people writing about spotting her on social media. 

"You know it's going to be a good screening when Malia Obama comes in," one attendee tweeted, Daily Mail reported. 

"The only celeb spotting at Sundance that matters to me: Malia Obama having dinner a few tables down," talent manager Scott Fisher tweeted. "Weinstein internship paying off."

Others called Malia's presence the "best Sundance sighting ever."

Many speculated that Malia was up to no good at the festival, given her dressed-down appearance.

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"The three month trip explains why no more hard partying pictures popped up. She was sent away to keep her pot and beer away from the public eye," one Daily Mail reader commented. 

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"8 years with the privilege of being in the white house and she looks like this??? She was given a gift and threw it away," another TMZ reader added. 

Others speculated that she looks as though she "smells like bong water," while one commenter said she looked like "a dockworker."

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Malia is heading to Harvard University in the fall, after taking a gap year and spending three months on a secret trip to South America. Her internship with Weinstein, who is a longtime friend of former President Barack Obama, came just months before her college journey is set to begin.

The internship isn't Malia's first time in the film industry, however. She previously worked on the set of HBO's "Girls" and CBS' "Extant." 

Sources: Daily Mail, TMZ / Photo credit: Pete Souza/White House via Wikimedia Commons, AP via Daily Mail, Screenshot via TMZ 

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