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Malia Obama Sparks Controversy After People Look A Little Lower And See Something (Photos)

Malia Obama Sparks Controversy After People Look A Little Lower And See Something (Photos) Promo Image

Malia Obama, the daughter of former President Barack Obama, was caught heading to her internship with the Weinstein Company in New York wearing an outfit many deemed questionable - a dress that exposed her legs.

The former First Daughter was seen in the denim dress as well as a pair of black Chuck Taylors and a brown leather backpack. The outfit quickly went viral, with many questioning her choice and criticizing her for showing her legs as much as she did.

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"And people had the nerve to comment in a negative way about the beautiful white dress Ivanka wore last week....Malian needs some fashion advise from the Trump children....but then Malia is old enough to know better...but she was accepted to Harvard....unbelievable...hope Mom takes credit for this," one Mad World News reader commented on the site's Facebook page.

Others felt as though it wasn't fair to criticize her outfit given the fact that she didn't have the choice to become a public figure and have her clothes critiqued by people across the country.

"Leave the girl alone...they have been under the microscope for 8 years...let her be herself...never too fond of family but let the girl be herself..she deserves that respect...most remarks come from the jealousy most have ...look in your own closets," one reader commented. 

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"I think that people are putting a lot of stress on an 18 year old. Was it a poor choice of apparel. Absolutely. But she didn't choose this life. She just wants to be alone and make her own mistakes. I don't care for the Obamas. But I think Malia has the right to be 18 on her terms. Parents should be the role models for their kids, not some 18 year old," another added. 

The 18-year-old is currently finishing a gap year before heading into her freshman year at Harvard University. She is set to first head back to Washington, D.C. after her internship where she will stay with her parents, who remained in the city after Obama's time as President ended. 

Malia previously made headlines for being part of a protest that objected to President Donald Trump's revival of the Dakota Access Pipeline, Daily Mail reported.

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Some readers took note of Malia's outspoken nature and the power she has, saying that rather than use her celebrity profile to help and be a role model for people her age, she has seemingly decided to live a more high class life full of parties and relatively normal teenage behavior.

"It's so sad because a lot of young African-American girls only see her as president daughter to be idolized and copied. Such an opportunity for both girls and Michelle to have stepped up and created a foundation to promote style and grace to these young underprivileged girls. Teach them how to improve their social skills and the advantage of finishing school, how to dress for success, how to interview for a meaningful job, etc," one Mad World News reader commented on Facebook.

"They dropped the ball. Touting themselves as elitists rather than intermingling with the lower class of young girls looking for a leader to show/give them the tools needed to improve their lives. No thought of them while sitting on a private beach writing a book."

Sources: Daily MailMad World News/Facebook  / Photo credit: White House/Flickr via Wikimedia Commons

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