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Photos Of Malia Obama Heading Into Work Go Viral (Photos)

Photos of former first daughter Malia Obama heading into work in New York City are going viral.

The photos show Malia sporting a burgundy coat, gray scarf and black pants as she makes her way to The Weinstein Company in New York City, OK! Magazine reported. Some people felt she did not seem too enthused to be going to work.

According to the publication, Malia rarely looks thrilled to be heading into work for famous film producer Harvey Weinstein's film company. She reportedly embarked on the internship while she takes a year off from school before going to Harvard University.

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It's easy to see why viewers of the photos think she isn't happy.

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This isn't the first time Malia has been photographed heading into work. She was previously spotted in snowy Park City in January during the Sundance Film Festival, TMZ reported.

In the photo, the former president's daughter appears startled by the camera. Some commenters said she might have been going for a coffee run, or fulfilling other typical internship assignments.

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While some social media users criticized Malia, others were quick to jump to the 18-year-old's defense.

  • "'paying her dues,' yea right," wrote one commenter. "No film company would hire an uneducated 18yo black girl, none of them would unless your name is obama."
  • "Must be nice for these kids that have their parents make a phone call on their behalf while others have to actually work hard to get what they want," wrote another.
  • "So I guess ALL of you leaving negative comments about Malia have spent enough time with her to actually know what goes on in her life?" said another commenter. "She's done nothing to you -- leave her alone!"
  • "Can the media leave the kid alone and let her be a normal 18yr girl," wrote another. "Give her a break, she's spent the last 8+yrs in front of cameras. give her some sort of space.
  • "The level of hypocrisy is mind boggling. Just a few days ago a lot of you were like 'leave Barron alone, he's just a kid' and now those same people are attacking this one with some nasty, undeserving're a bunch of animals (both sides)."
  • "Disagree. I don't think the people who say stop bullying a ten-year old are the same people attacking this young lady," responded another commenter. "There are nasty people and decent people who believe in both candidates. Just wish the intolerant nasty ones would go away."

Malia has previously interned on the set of "Girls" and Halle Berry's science-fiction show, "Extant."

Sources: OK! Magazine, TMZ / Photo credit: Awesomely Luvvie, AKM-GSI via OK! Magazine, AP via TMZ

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