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Male Tiger Escapes Forest, Enters Nearby Zoo to Seduce Female Tiger

A male tiger who left the jungle and entered a zoo to be with a tigress was captured in India on Wednesday.

"It seems to have strayed into the zoo attracted by a tigress," Sudarshan Panda, director of the Nandankanan Zoological Park, said. 

"This is a very rare incident of a wild animal entering a zoo premises. We have informed the National Tiger Conservation Authority and Chief Wildlife Warden, who will take a decision on whether to keep the animal at Nandankanan or shift it to wild habitat."

The tiger left a protected state forest 62 miles away and began roaming around the zoo in Bhubaneswar last weekend. 

"We found that the tiger was moving close to the enclosure of a tigress, Sara, and we believe it may have been attracted by the female," Deputy Director Chitta Ranjan Mishra said. "Since the enclosure is located close to the safari, we decided to keep a watch on it and opened the emergency gate."

"The tiger entered the zoo but it walked out," Panda said. He said there was a trap laid out and the tiger was caught two days ago.

The majority of the world's tigers live in India, though the population is rapidly shrinking. Due to poachers, international smuggling networks and loss of habitat, the animal is facing extinction.

In 1947, India's tiger population was at 40,000, and now it stands at just 1,706. 

Sources: Raw Story, Huffington Post


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