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Male Teens Post 'Rape' T-shirt Photos To Twitter

A group of male high school students are being investigated by administrators after posing for rape insensitive photos.

The images were taken on the athletic field of Commack High School, featuring five boys whose T-shirts spell out “RAPE” in various forms—one with a question mark at the end, another a period.

A sixth boy can be seen in the foreground of one of the photos on the ground, his hands bound, in what is presumably him playing a victim.

The photos were posted to Twitter where they were seen by, and angered, fellow students.

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“There is no doubt that these students showed an inexcusable lack of judgment, and their actions are taken very seriously by the entire school community,” the school said in a statement obtained by CBS New York. “At this time, we are actively engaged in a comprehensive investigation to determine the full scope of this matter and whether or not this was an isolated incident.  At this time, it does appear that this is an isolated incident.  Moving forward, and upon completion of our investigation, we will take the necessary and appropriate actions including, but not limited to, disciplinary and legal action if applicable.”

Parents and family members have given their reactions to the photos.

“It doesn’t look good to me,” parent Debbie Saporta said. “I just see it and get upset.”

“I think it’s horrible,” said Chris, whose sister attends the high school. “They should be punished for this, this is not a joke.”

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One parent thinks the situation has been taken too far.

“It’s an incident that was not criminal,” the woman said. “I don’t know why a big thing is being made out of it.”

A female classmate had an entirely different reaction.

“These assholes did this for senior class pictures today. Wait till they see me tomorrow,” The Smoking Gun reports her posting to Twitter. “I don't even want to enter the doors of Commack High School tomorrow or ever where there are people who find rape as a joke.”

Photo Source: The Smoking Gun


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