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Male Student Wears High Heels, Kicked Out of Class

A male student at a high school in Florida was kicked out of class because he was wearing high heel shoes, but not because he violated any rules -- the principal was concerned for his safety.

The New York Daily News reports that according to a story on the Tampa Bay MyFox station, a teacher at Riverview High School told the principal about the boy and his shoes. The teacher said other students were starting to call him names. So the principal pulled him out of class.

"As the principal of a high school, I have to take the paternal side, I have to make sure that he’s going to be okay," Bob Heilman said.

The high heels didn’t violate any school dress code, but the principal convinced him to stop wearing them because they could lead to him being bullied. 

One of the teen's friends told the station that the boy likes the way the shoes make him feel and that they give him confidence. 

"The first time he felt shame was when he was called out of school," said Hayley Stepp.

Heilman said he understands that, but his main concern is the safety of his students. He said this is not the first time he's had to deal with such issues.

"One boy wore a dress on Monday," said Heilman. "After we chatted, he decided not to do that. I was concerned about his safety."


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