Male Inmate Sues Over How Female Prison Guards Treated Him (Photos)


An Oregon inmate at the center of a Washington County Jail sex scandal is planning to sue the county for damages after two female jail employees admitted to having sex with him while he was held at the jail. 

The Oregonian did not disclose the inmate’s name, but reported he recently filed notice of his intent to sue the county claiming the two employees had sex with him numerous times last summer. 

According to the documents filed, “these actions violated the Eighth Amendment to United States Constitution's prohibition of sexual harassment and abuse of an inmate by corrections personnel.”

The inmate involved has been identified by KPTV News as Jang-Li Delgado-Galban.

According to records obtained by The Oregonian, he is now serving time in state prison for attempted second-degree assault, unlawful use of a weapon, and tampering with a witness.

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But investigators believe that while Delgado-Galban was being held at the Washington County facility last year he began a sexual relationship with employee Jill Curry, who was said to have, on numerous occasions, let him out of his cell to meet him for sex in a supply closet. 

KPTV News reported last year that while investigators were looking into Curry’s alleged misconduct they reportedly uncovered a second sexual relationship the man was having with Brett Robinson, another jail employee.

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Robinson pleaded guilty last week to six counts each of first-degree custodial misconduct and first-degree official misconduct. She is awaiting sentencing, which is currently scheduled for June 2.

Curry was sent to prison for four years earlier this year after she pleaded guilty to 28 counts including first-degree custodial sexual misconduct and first-degree official misconduct.

At her sentencing hearing, Judge Charles Bailey said Curry’s conduct had likely opened the county up to a possible lawsuit. 

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(Jill Curry)

“He doesn't deserve the taxpayers' money,” he said. “(But) they're going to have to pay, there's no doubt in my mind.”

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Photo Credit: Police photo via KPTV News


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