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Male Hardee's Worker Says Female Boss Required Sex From Him

Gerald Anderson has filed a lawsuit against the Hardee’s restaurant chain that claims his female supervisor pressured him into sex and then fired him in October 2012 when he ended their relationship.

Anderson claims the Hardee's in Rapid City, S.D. violated anti-discrimination laws.

According to his lawsuit, Anderson says he was hired in August 2012 by restaurant manager Danielle Dahlenburg, who allegedly made "unwanted sexual advances, requests for sexual favors and sexual touching."

Anderson claims the unwanted sexual advances were a condition of employment, and so he did have sex with Dahlenburg, reports the Daily Mail.

Anderson's lawsuit states, "Dahlenburg led plaintiff to believe that his submission to her sexual advances was a condition of his employment and that he would be fired, or otherwise retaliated against, if he did not acquiesce."

Anderson also claims that after he ended the sexual relationship, he was fired about one week later.

“The primary allegation that we have here is that his employment was conditioned upon his participation in a sexual relationship with his supervisor and that constitutes unlawful employment discrimination,” Anderson's attorney, Sarah Baron Houy, told the Rapid City Journal.

Dahlenburg is not part of the lawsuit.

Sources: Daily Mail and Rapid City Journal


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