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Makhaela Jenkins, 12, Challenges Ban to Play on School Football Team (Video)

Makhaela Jenkins, 12, is challenging a policy of the Liberty Union-Thurston District in Baltimore, Ohio that bans girls from playing on school football teams.

She played for two days in practice, but was dropped.

"We are not violating Title IX. We have opportunities for girls, but those opportunities do not include contact sports. We think we have plenty of places for everyone to fit in, but it is simply a choice," Liberty Union-Thurston District superintendent Paul Mathews told WCPO-TV (video below).

However, Jenkins claims that her gender is not a factor as she has practiced, lifted weights and played on youth football teams around the city.

“Some people have different goals and dreams they want to follow, and if they want to play a sport, [they] should be able to play a sport no matter what gender you are. It sets me apart from everybody else, and it lets other people know it's OK to be different and you don't have to follow what everybody else does," said Jenkins.

Source: WCPO-TV


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