'Make The Township White Again' Sign Destroyed (Video)


T.J. Tarrant recently used a circular saw to destroy his neighbor's sign that read: "Make The Township White Again" in Flushing Township, Michigan (video below).

"[The sign owner] told me there was black people that stole his Donald Trump signs out of his front yard," Tarrant told WWMT.

"Then he came off with a whole bunch of racial slurs, more than I've heard in probably one sentence in my entire life," Tarrant added.

While other neighbors are happy the sign is gone, the owner of the sign may press charges against Tarrant for trespassing.

Chase Frechette filmed Tarrant sawing the wooden sign up, and then put the video on Facebook, where it has gathered more than 50,000 views.

"It was kind of hurtful, even though it doesn't have anything to do with our race," Frechette told WJRT.

"That could have started a lot of big problems, not only for him, but for the whole city itself," Frechette added. "I think he's received the message that this is not welcome in this city."

Frechette said he was concerned about his two daughters viewing the racist message: "They will not be raised thinking that one race is better than another because that's not how it is and that's not how it should be."

The owner of the sign told MLive he had received death threats over his sign.

As far as the destruction of his sign, he said: "That doesn't take Sherlock Holmes to solve that crime."

Flushing Township Police Chief Brian Fairchild had not yet commented on the sign's destruction, reports MLive.

The sign owner told the news site that his Trump signs had been stolen from his yard three times, so he made the "Make The Township White Again" sign as a play off of Trump's slogan, "Make America Great Again."

"A joke turned into a big old nightmare," the owner stated. "I can't go to work today because I've got to watch my house. I don't have a bigoted bone in my body."

After insisting that he's not bigoted, the sign owner slammed Black Lives Matter:

"Black Lives Matter, they can put only Black Lives Matter signs out and stuff and then you've got Hillary [Clinton] out there saying do all lives matter or black lives matter, and she went black lives matter.

"That's not considered to be racist or bigoted and Obama says we have racism in our DNA. That just flat out pisses me off. They can say whatever the hell they want. I just did that as an experiment. I said well, let's see if I can say whatever the hell I want and obviously the answer is no."

Sources: WWMT, WJRT, MLive / Photo credit: Chase Frechette/WJRTvia YouTube

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