'Make Hunting a Thing of the Past,' Film Exposes Cruelty of Fox Hunting

The Irish Council Against Blood Sports has produced a short, very compelling anti-cruelty video on the barbaric practice of foxhunting, entitled, “MAKE HUNTING A THING OF THE PAST.” 

This heart-grabbing film, which lasts only one minute and 15 seconds,  has been entered in competition for Ireland’s prestigious Better Together Awards 2011A win could also provide a chance for it to be seen worldwide.

Animal lovers everywhere are being asked view the video and consider taking about three seconds to cast a "5-star vote" for the "Make Hunting a Thing of the Past" campaign video.  Also. please spread the word on Twitter, Facebook, etc.   http://www.bettertogether.ie/content/make-hunting-thing-past

John Fitzgerald of The Campaign Against Cruel Sports writes, “A win for this brief video exposing the horrors of foxhunting would represent a marvelous boost to the campaign to protect animals from this cruelty..."   

Votes can be repeated daily until November 11. (HERE)

Fox hunting is a “blood sport,” masked as an elite activity.

 Introduced in the 16th Century in the U.K., fox hunting is still practiced in various forms all over the world, including Australia, Canada, France, Ireland, Italy, Russia and the United States of America. Animal protection activists have caused bans to be passed in Scotland (2002) and in England and Wales (2004), but it is still popular in Ireland

Fox hunting involves the tracking, chasing and killing of a helpless, terrorized fox--traditionally a red fox—by a pack of trained foxhounds and a group of hunters led by a Master of Foxhounds, who follow the hounds on foot or on horseback, sometimes for hours, pursuing the fox. In training the hounds, fox pups are separated from their mothers and used as “bait.”  While riders on horses and foot followers block any escape, experienced hounds teach young dogs to follow the fox pups’ scent and find, attack and kill.

Most of us don’t consider these odds a “sport.”

Please view “Make Hunting a Thing of the Past” and consider casting your vote.   http://www.bettertogether.ie/content/make-hunting-thing-past


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