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Voters In Swing States Say Trump 'Exaggerates' Truth

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Findings of a new poll suggest that the majority of Republican voters in four swing states that President Donald Trump won in said he "exaggerates the truth."

The survey conducted by Firehouse Strategies, a polling firm that most recently worked for Republican Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida's failed 2016 presidential campaign bid, reveals that 80 percent of people in Wisconsin, Florida, Pennsylvania and Ohio "believes Trump lies or exaggerates the truth."

And an even higher number of respondents -- 84 percent -- believes "the same of Republican members of Congress."

Meanwhile, 26 percent of Republicans said Trump never lies, while 21.5 percent believe Congress never lies.

Among Democrats, 69 percent believe Trump intentionally lies, compared to 48 percent of independents and 18 percent of Republicans.

Many believe Trump exaggerates the truth, including 50.6 percent of Republicans, 34.1 percent of independents and 21 percent of Democrats.

Firehouse Strategies' April 25 poll comes only a week after the findings of a Gallup poll revealed the American public's trust in Trump has declined sharply.

The April 17 Gallup poll found that only 45 percent of people believe Trump keeps his promises, whether they agree with them or not, compared to 62 percent in February.

The percentage of poll voters who find Trump "honest and trustworthy" has always been quite low ever since he announced his presidential bid in June 2015; the Gallup poll findings suggest that 36 percent of people believe the president has those qualities.

Firehouse Strategies' survey also speculated that, if Trump fails to deliver on key campaign promises, Democrats could put a dent in the GOP stranglehold on Congress.

"Trump made big promises on taxes, infrastructure, health care and border security," Firehouse Strategies reported. "But fewer than 100 days into his presidency, most Republican and independent voters say they won’t punish Republicans in 2018 for failing to deliver. For example, fewer than one in 10 Republican and independent voter said they would not vote Republican in 2018 if a border wall is not being built by then; and barely 15% say they wouldn’t vote for the GOP without tax reform."

The survey also found that voters are not worried about a potential government shutdown over the coming budget proposal.

"Facing a potential government shutdown this week, don’t expect either party to feel pressure from its base to keep the government open," Firehouse Strategies stated. "In the event of a shutdown, only 16% of Democrats will blame Democrats, while only 19% of Republicans and independents would blame Trump. Overall, most voters (56%) would blame Donald Trump (31%) or Congressional Republicans (25%) rather than Congressional Democrats (44%)."

Sources: Firehouse Strategies, Gallup / Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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