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Most Americans Want Obama To Nominate New Justice

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The majority of Americans wants to see President Barack Obama nominate a new Supreme Court justice, according to CNN/ORC poll results released March 3.

The poll showed that 58 percent of those surveyed believe Obama should nominate late justice Antonin Scalia's replacement, rather than leave the seat vacant until a new president takes office, while 41 percent said they'd prefer a vacancy.

Most Democrats (82 percent) and Independents (59 percent) said they wanted Obama to nominate the next justice, while 29 percent of Republicans agreed.

Obama plans to nominate a justice and has called on the Senate to vote on his nomination. But members of the Senate Judiciary Committee said they would not hold a hearing on Obama's nominee, ABC News reports.

Poll voters were divided on which ideological leaning they'd prefer for a new justice. While 37 percent said Obama should nominate someone who would keep the Supreme Court how it is, 32 percent said they'd prefer a justice who leans to the liberal side and 29 percent said they wanted a more conservative one.

The Senate Minority Leader, Democratic Sen. Harry Reid of Nevada, said March 2 that he expects the president to send a nomination "in a matter of a week or so."

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said March 1 that he didn't know when Obama would make a decision, but he pointed out that in past situations it has taken about 30 days to name a nominee.

There have been rumors and speculation as to whom Obama will nominate for the seat. According to Bustle, he is said to be vetting Iowa appellate judge Jane Kelly, a 51-year-old graduate of Duke University and Harvard Law School.

The Supreme Court battle seems to have affected Obama's approval rating, with the outgoing president getting a slight boost. Fifty percent said they approve of his performance, up from 47 percent in late January. Forty-six percent said they disapprove of Obama's performance.

Sources: CNN, ABC News, Bustle / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

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