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Poll: Americans Think Trump, Clinton Would Be Terrible Presidents

Many Americans think the two frontrunners for the 2016 presidential nominations -- Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton -- would both make terrible presidents, according to a Pew Research Center poll.

The poll, administered Jan. 7-14, asked participants if presidential candidates would be a "great," "good," "average," "poor," or "terrible" president.

Of the nine candidates included in the poll, none of them received a higher favorable response than negative.

52 percent of respondents said Trump would be a poor/terrible president; 31 percent thought he would perform well at the job.

Clinton received a poor/terrible stance from 44 percent of respondents, but she scored slightly higher than Trump on whether she would be great/good, with 35 percent.

Democratic competitor Sen. Bernie Sanders had a favorable rating of 30 percent, which nearly matched those who found him to not be a good choice — 35 percent.

By party, 56 percent of Republicans think Trump would be a great/good president. 64 percent of Democrats believe the same of Clinton.

Trump’s leading competition, according to poll averages conducted by Real Clear Politics, Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas received a great/good mention from 28 percent of respondents, with 31 percent choosing poor/terrible.

Republican Ben Carson grabbed the fourth place spot for great/good, with 26 percent, but received his highest ranking in the average category, with 28 percent — a tie with Cruz. 34 percent of respondents think Carson would be a poor/terrible president.

Trump and Clinton may hold the top spots on the good and bad side of the poll, but former Gov. of Florida Jeb Bush ranks third as the worst performing president. Bush received a 42 percent vote in the poor/terrible category, and only 17 percent in great/good. Among Republicans, he still performed poorly, with 36 percent choosing him as a likely poor/terrible president.

The scorecard changes when the party's reflect on one another's candidates.

Democrats find Bush to be the first choice for a great/good president, while only 8 percent said the same of Trump. As for the worst option, that goes to Trump with 82 percent of respondents stating he would be poor/terrible. Bush received 48 percent in that category, one percentage point less than Carson, and two less than Cruz.

Republicans are strongly against Clinton, with 80 percent saying she would be a poor/terrible president. Sanders came out on top in the great/good selections, with 10 percent, but Clinton was close behind at 8 percent.

Sanders received a higher average category selection by Republican voters, 18 percent to Clinton’s 11 percent.

While Trump may be seen as a poor choice for president by the Pew Research Center poll, he maintains his lead for the GOP nomination with an average of 34.8 percent of support, according to Real Clear Politics. Cruz is far behind with an average of 18.8 percent.

Clinton’s lead over Sanders is quite similar, 51.2 percent to 38 percent.

Sources: Pew Research Center, Real Clear Politics / Photo Source: Michael Vadon/Flickr

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