Americans Say Blacks Are More Racist than Whites or Hispanics?


A majority of Americans believe black people are more likely to be racist than whites or Hispanics, according to new Rasmussen Report.

The national telephone poll found that 37 percent of American adults believe most African Americans are racist. While 18 percent said most Hispanic Americans are racist, only 15 percent reported most whites are racist.

The report also found a huge difference in political ideology and the perception of racism.

Among conservatives, 49 percent considered most blacks to be racist, compared to 27 percent of liberals. In fact, 27 percent of liberals also said most white people are racist.

Results from the poll showed 30 percent of Americans believe race relations in the country are good or excellent. About 14 percent described race relations as poor.

For clarification, the questions Rasmussen asked over the telephone can be found here.

When asked about the outlook on race relations, 29 percent said it is improving, 32 percent said it is getting worse, and 35 percent said it is staying about the same.

Overall black people were more optimistic than whites about the state of race relations.

In 2012, Rasmussen Report called the election in favor of Mitt Romney. During the 2010 elections, statistician Nate Silver reported that Rasmussen had the least accurate majority pollsters.

Sources: The Daily Caller, Washington Times


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