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Majority Of American Workers Prefer Male Bosses To Females

Among Americans workers who have a preference, the majority would rather work for a male boss over a female boss.

According to a new Gallup Survey, 35 percent of men and women survey preferred working for a man. While 23 percent said they would rather work for a woman, that’s the highest number ever recorded since workers were first polled on the subject in 1953.

In 1953, two-thirds of Americans said they would rather work for a male boss, ThinkProgress reported.

The older the respondent, the poll showed, the more likely they were not to prefer a male boss.

Most American workers do have male bosses.

While 30 percent of those polled worked for a female, they were just as likely to prefer a female boss over a male boss. At the same time, people who worked for males were more likely to prefer male bosses.

The reports could suggest that people seek out a job where their boss is their preferred gender.

More than half of workers polled said it didn’t matter what their boss’ gender might be. However a third of female workers cite workplace discrimination and 15 percent believe they’ve been passed of for a raise or promotion in the past because of their gender. Two-thirds of female workers also say that women are more harshly scrutinized than male workers. More than half believe women aren’t promoted to highest level jobs because of their gender.

Sources: ThinkProgress, Gallup


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