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Nationwide Search Launched For Missing 9-Week-Old Florida Baby

Police in Sarasota County, Florida, are appealing for information about a missing 9-week-old baby boy last seen on Sept. 9, as a nationwide search gets under way.

Chance Walsh’s parents, Joseph Walsh and Kristen Bury, were arrested in South Carolina after being involved in a car crash, but have provided differing accounts of the baby’s whereabouts, WFLA reported.

The parents, who are allegedly long-term drug addicts, were involved in the car crash while they were vacationing in South Carolina. They told police several stories about the whereabouts of their 9-week-old son, Chance Walsh -- one was that Chance died in the car crash and another was that he was given to a woman at a Georgia hotel. Both of these accounts, however, were found to be untrue.

The alarm was raised Oct. 4, when Chance’s grandmother told police she had not seen him for almost a month, according to Daily Mail.

Police are working to have Joseph Walsh and Bury extradited to Sarasota County from South Carolina, where they were being held on child neglect charges.

"We just want to bring him home, where he's loved," Sally Susino, Chance's grandmother, said in a statement on Oct. 8, according to WFLA.

"We are begging anyone who has any information as to Chance's whereabouts," Susino added, Fox 13 reports. " ... Do what's right."

Detectives searched the Walsh and Bury’s North Port, Florida, residence and uncovered traces of blood and human remains.

A probable cause affidavit alleges that Bury despised Chance because she never got over the death of her first son, Duane, in 2014, WFLA reported.

“Things were kind of peculiar from the start after the child was born I noticed,” John Tapp, who lived opposite the couple, told WFLA.

“People coming at odd hours with a newborn in the house, that’s another sign that there’s something that ain’t right,” he added.

Officials and family are still holding out hope that Chance is still alive. The Sarasota County Sheriff's Office said they have received many tips, and ask anyone who has any information to call them. The numer to call is 941-861-4074.

Sources: Fox 13, Daily Mail, WFLA / Photo credit: WFLA


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