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New Details May Shed Light On Laci Peterson Case (Photo)

New Details May Shed Light On Laci Peterson Case (Photo) Promo Image

A new A&E series called "The Murder of Laci Peterson" is bringing up a number of loose ends in the mysterious 2002 disappearance and death of the eight-month pregnant woman, as neighbors and a reporter disputed a crucial police report that could change everything.

Though Laci's husband, Scott Peterson, was convicted of murdering her and their unborn son, there is new evidence that supports Scott's defense, which argued that Laci's disappearance was connected to a reported burglary that happened around the same time, reports The Daily Mail.

Laci vanished around Christmas Eve 2002. Scott and Laci reportedly woke up together like normal at their Modesto, California, home, ate breakfast and watched TV before Scott went fishing -- he had receipts to prove his alibi -- and Laci took their dog on a walk, according to Rolling Stone. But hours later, a neighbor found the dog in front of the house, alone and still wearing a leash.

But the exact events that transpired are still unknown. Prosecutors said that she disappeared on the night of Dec. 23, while some say that the key to the case lies in a reported burglary that police said occurred on Dec. 26 at a neighbor's house, according to the Daily Mail. Others say such a burglary is impossible.

"The police said the burglary took place on December 26 not December 24," TV reporter Ted Rowlands explains in the docuseries, according to the Daily Mail. "The problem with that is, I was standing outside that house at five in the morning on December 26 and if the burglars were there I would have interviewed them, because there was nobody outside the front of that house."

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Laci had already disappeared, and reporters swarmed the house for months after. Rowlands said his "head was on a swivel that morning and there is absolutely no way a burglary took place on December 26."

Furthermore, neighbor Diane Jackson said that she saw three unfamiliar men on December 24 with a van outside the home that was allegedly burglarized two days later.

"I noticed it because they all turned around and looked at me and I thought, 'Hmm, that's weird,'" Jackson explained. "I didn't put it together until a neighbor said the Medinas just came home and their home was burglarized while they were gone and they think it was the 24th."

Jackson said that she told police after the burglary, and they took her in for questioning and tried to convince her that she had not seen what she thought she had seen. But her story never changed.

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So what really happened? Nobody but Scott Peterson may ever know for certain, though upcoming episodes of the A&E show promise to shed more light on the mysterious case.

Sources: Daily Mail, Rolling Stone / Featured Image: Tony Webster/Flickr / Embedded Images: Alan Levine/Flickr, A&E via Daily Mail

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