Major Bank Avoids Jail, Occupy Wall Street Protester Gets 3 Months in Prison for ‘Elbowing’ Cop (Video)

Credit Suisse, a swiss bank, pleaded guilty on Monday to assisting rich Americans in evading U.S. income taxes.

However, no one at Credit Suisse will be going to jail. Instead, the bank will pay the U.S. Justice Department a $2.6 billion settlement, much of which the bank can write off on its taxes.

Credit Suisse CEO Brady Dougan kept his job, the rich tax evaders won't have their names publicized, but three employees will be fired, noted The Wire.

However, one Occupy Wall Street protester is going to jail for three months for reportedly "elbowing" a NYPD officer in March 2012.

Cecily McMillan swung her elbow after being grabbed on her breast from behind by Officer Grantley Bovell. Moments later, McMillan fell on the ground and suffered a seizure (pictured).

McMillan had a huge bruise on her right breast following the incident, but that was not enough to convince a jury, which found her guilty this week of assaulting a police officer, a felony, reported The Huffington Post.

"The story will say that there was over-policing of the Occupy Wall Street movement and that Cecily McMillan became an object of prosecution," McMillan's lawyer Martin Stolar told reporters, noted Democracy Now (video below).

"I don’t see any reason why Cecily would be prosecuted for a felony, except to send the message out that says, 'Do not get yourself involved in protests, do not get yourself involved in demonstrations, otherwise, we’re going to severely deal with you, if we have a reason to do so,'" added Stolar. "The fact that 90 percent of all the Occupy arrests were dismissed tells me that the police department made such bad arrests that not even the DA’s office could go forward and prosecute them."

Stolar has filed an appeal on behalf of McMillan.

Sources: The Wire, The Huffington Post, Democracy Now


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