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Maine Prison Inmate Stabs Sex Offender Over 80 Times, Gets Life Sentence

A Maine State Prison inmate pleaded guilty to fatally stabbing another inmate, and has been sentenced to spend the rest of his life in prison for it.

Richard Stahursky, 35, was in prison already for a litany of crimes, including armed robbery, multiple counts of aggravated assault on other inmates, an arson conviction and assaulting a police officer, the Portland Press Herald reports.  But it was his stabbing of another inmate, 37-year-old Micah Boland, more than 80 times in a February 2014 incident that now threatens to keep Stahursky behind bars for the rest of his life.

Stahursky reportedly attacked and killed Boland, a convicted child molester, with a homemade knife and then told officers he did it because he believed that Boland had gotten him fired from his prison job as a hallway worker. Stahursky said that he did not intend to kill Boland, although Stahursky's indictment papers also allege he planned to also kill a corrections officer on the same day he killed Boland, according to the Portland Press Herald.

Stahursky pleaded guilty to the killing on Nov. 30 and was sentenced on Dec. 10.

During his sentencing, Stahursky reportedly read a lengthy statement detailing why he felt no remorse for his actions. While Stahursky previously told officers Boland's death happened due to Stahursky's suspicions that Boland was behind his firing, his statement during his sentencing focused on the fact that Boland was a child molester.

“I have no remorse for what I did to that child molester. In fact I sleep a lot better at night knowing that there is one less child molester alive,” Stahursky's statement says, according to WABI.

“I made the choice to become the judge jury and executioner of that sex offender.”

Stahurskey was sentenced to life in prison.

Stahurskey's attorney, Philip Cohen, spoke on the inmate's behalf after the hearing.

“I think my client was resolved to the fact that he was going to get a life sentence when he walked in the courtroom today. I don’t think it came as a great surprise to anyone given the nature of the crime,” Cohen said. 

“What was important to my client was to make the statement he made and he did that today.”

Sources: Portland Press Herald, WABI / Photo credit: Maine State Police via Portland Press Hearald

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