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Maine Gov. Paul LePage Says Citizens Should Shoot Drug Dealers

Republican Gov. Paul LePage of Maine took aim at drug dealers in the state recently, noting that citizens have Constitutional Carry and therefore have the right to shoot dealers.

“Everybody in Maine, we have Constitutional Carry,” LePage told WGME on Jan. 27. “Load up and get rid of the drug dealers. Because folks, they’re killing our kids.”

LePage made the statement just one day after suggesting the state bring back public executions and guillotines to get rid of drug dealers. In an interview with CBS, LePage also noted that he would like to see the death penalty enforced for drug dealers, WGME reports.

LePage told WGME that bringing back the death penalty, which was banned in Maine in 1887, is a long shot. However, he hopes to try.

“If you don’t try, you never get anywhere,” LePage added.

LePage explained that he knew one man and one woman who died from drugs they bought from a dealer that night. He argued that the deaths should be considered homicides.

LePage denied that his comments about Mainers carrying guns to shoot drug dealers suggested a type of vigilante justice.

Democratic House Majority Leader Jeff McCabe quipped that the only time Maine makes the news is when LePage says something "crazy like this," according to The Portland Press Herald. 

​Sources: The Portland Press Herald, WGME / ​Photo Credit: MattGagnon/Wikimedia (2)

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