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Sewing Needle Found In Girl's Halloween Trick-Or-Treating Candy

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Maine father Jason Levesque claimed he found a sewing needle “expertly” placed in his child’s Halloween candy this year, which prompted him to toss the entire haul and distribute a word of caution to other parents.

Levesque had taken his children out for an evening of trick-or-treating on Friday, when the family arrived at their Auburn home and pooled their candy into one pile. Levesque’s 16-year-old daughter, however, noticed something unusual.

Inside a fun-sized Snickers bar, Levesque’s daughter had found a sewing needle.

“Frankly, I’m flabbergasted,” Levesque said. “Hopefully, this is an isolated incident.”

Levesque noted that, outside of urban legends, he’d never heard of similar incidents happening to anyone, especially not in his neighborhood. Despite his surprise, ran a brief story reporting multiple Snickers bars that had also been tampered with.

“Regardless of the neighborhood, you just don’t know,” Levesque warned.

Levesque noted that he hadn’t yet reported the incident to police, but that he plans to do so. No similar incident had been reported as of Sunday night, according to Auburn police Lieutenant Laurie Woodhead.

Sources: Bangor Daily News, Sun Journal


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