Video: Mailman Stepped Over Dying Man, Dale Porch, Didn't Call for Help


The family of Dale Porch claims that a mailman stepped over Porch, who collapsed and died right outside his home, and didn't call for help (video below).

Porch was dropped off outside his Denver, Colorado home on November 2, after working the graveyard shift, but never made it inside last Friday, reports ABC 7.

Kimberly Cordova, Dale Porch's sister-in law, told ABC 7: "My brother-in-law walked up these steps, got to this step here and collapsed. So, the mailman literally was right here, and he was right here collapsed on this step."

Hedy Porch, widow of Dale Porch, slammed the unidentified mailman: "I don't know how he sleeps at night."

One of Dale Porch's sons discovered his father about an hour later and called 911, but it was too late.

The mailman has been temporarily taken off the route, but U.S. Postal Service officials say when he saw Porch's body on the ground, the letter carrier thought it was an old Halloween decoration and stepped over it.

Hedy Porch said: "He told us he thought it was a mannequin."


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