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Mailman Saves 96-Year-Old Woman's Life

A mailman may have saved the life of a 96-year-old woman recently when he picked up on something that seemed out of the ordinary.

Mailman Chris Feldhaus was on his normal route when he noticed mail piling up at the house of an elderly woman. He decided to check on her.

"She's one of those that picks up her mail every day, and I noticed after two days that it wasn't getting picked up, and her papers were on the ground, so then, on the third day is when I looked into it," Feldhaus said.

Feldhaus says that he has really gotten to know people on his route after eight years. When one of his regulars hadn't picked up her mail, he knew something could be wrong.

He knocked on the door, which yielded no response, so he went to the property manager, who called the police.

Feldhaus said that she had fallen down and had been in the same spot for several days, but they don't know exactly how long she was there. The woman was unable to get up so she didn't have anything to eat or drink for days. She was conscious, but weak, when she was found.

"The fact that he noticed something out of place, like her mail stacking up, and for him to do what he did, is amazing," said Lisa Bailey, who lives in the neighborhood. "You don't find many people these days that go beyond what they're supposed to do during their job." 

Feldhaus said that he would want somebody to do the same if it were one of his grandparents.

"As far as I've heard, she's doing fine, and okay, and my goal is to go check on her sometime soon," he said.

The woman is recovering in a local hospital.

Sources: Fox 4 KC, Postal News

Photo Credit: Screenshot via Fox 4 KC


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