Maid In Saudi Arabia Suffers Horrible Burns At The Hands Of Her Employer

A 23-year-old Filipino domestic servant in Saudi Arabia suffered horrible burns recently when her boss tossed a scalding pot of water on her. According to ABS-CBN News, the mother of the woman’s employer was angry at her because she thought she was taking too long to make coffee.

A Facebook post by the woman’s cousin showed pictures of the burns and described what happened.

“This is my cousin, who works as domestic helper in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia,” the post says. “Her female Saudi employer poured boiling water on her. She has only been in Riyadh for two months. She was beaten up within five days of her arrival by her male employer and was sometimes deprived of food.”

Here is a picture of the burns:

Image placeholder title

The post says the woman, identified publicly as Fatma, waited for over six hours before being taken the hospital following the incident. After three days in the hospital, Fatma was able to slip a nurse a note with her cousin’s phone number on it. Her cousin also works in Riyadh.

When Fatma was again brought to the hospital several days later, her cousin rescued her. She is now in the custody of the Philippine Embassy, and says she wants file a case against her abusive employer. 

Sources: ABS-CBN, Mail Online


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