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Magpul Offers Colorado Customers 40-Round Magazines Prior To Ban

A Colorado gun magazine manufacturer is releasing enlarged high-capacity magazines before they become illegal in the state in two weeks.

Magpul Industries is giving customers a chance to purchase a 40-round version of its popular PMAG magazine while they still can.

“[T]he PMAG 40 provides 10 more rounds of capacity before requiring a reload — which could be a lifesaving difference,” the company wrote on its Facebook page. “This new ‘safe capacity’ offering is ideally suited for those who may need to respond to multiple threats without extra rifle magazines carried on their person, or for military members looking for an extra margin of safety in high-tempo operations.”

A ban on magazines that hold more than 15 rounds is set to go into effect on July 1. Magpul has said  it will move out of Colorado because of the new restrictions.

“[We] are leaving, working on some final negotiations now before we can announce the first of the new locations,” the company wrote.

Earlier this month, the company donated sales of a limited run magazine to help fight the new law. They quickly sold out.

"We will fit in another run as soon as we can do so without affecting other production and post when we are ready to go again," Magpul wrote on its Facebook page. "Thanks for your support. These magazines will directly help our continuing efforts to reverse the CO legislation, and the intent is that we will get a decision that will help matters in other states with similar infringements. We remain dedicated to the legal and political struggles that can and will make a difference in defending or restoring individual liberties in CO and across the nation, despite the fact that our ongoing relocation efforts are demanding a significant portion of our attention."

Because of a grandfather clause in the new law, people who buy the expanded magazines before July 1 can keep them, The Daily Caller reported.

Sources: The Daily Caller, The Denver Channel


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