Magpul Keeps Fans in Suspense with Pending Relocation Announcement

It’s public knowledge that Magpul, a company that manufacturers gun parts, is unhappy with the restrictive gun control legislation in its home state of Colorado. For a company that boasts the motto, “Unfair advantage,” Magpul is eager to regain the upper hand by moving to a more gun-friendly state.

Under Colorado's looming gun legislation that will come into effect July 1, some of the magazines that Magpul makes would be banned.

But Magpul has been tight-lipped about its intended destination. In a Facebook post this Tuesday, Magpul told fans that the company would need more time to make a decision. The statement has done little to quell the thousands of fans who have been begging Magpul to move to their home states. Magpul’s online fan base isn’t something to sneeze at, either – the company has over 238,000 likes.

The company wrote, “We’d like to thank the tens of thousands of visitors to our booth at the NRA show as well as the numerous posters here on our FB page for your support and for the generous invitations to relocate to your home states. There are many factors at work in our decisions, including business climate, tax structure, legislative environment, regulatory burdens, culture, workforce, etc., and any decision that did not consider all these areas carefully would not only be ill-advised, but irresponsible to our employees, our customers, and the brand.”

Magpul employs nearly 200 people and contributes $85 million to the local economy, making it a big prize for one lucky state. Fans can only speculate over the future home of Magpul, but based on recent legislative lobbying efforts there are a few states that pop out.

Idaho Governor Butch Otter recently announced Second Amendment Protection Month in an attempt to attract gun manufacturers. Missouri is in the process of passing landmark pro-gun legislation and a local businessman promised a sizable parcel of land for free to gun manufacturers who move to the state.

But who knows? Magpul fans will have to patiently await the announcement. The Facebook post reads, “We are eager to make more specific announcements as soon as we can responsibly do so without sabotaging our ongoing efforts and negotiations and we appreciate your support and understanding until then.”

Source: Facebook


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