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Magnetic Man Sets World Record After Balancing 53 Spoons on His Body

Etibar Elchiyev of the Eastern European country of Georgia set a new Guinness Work Record for having the most spoons stuck to him at a time. He is now known as the “Magnetic Man.”

In 2011, Elchiyev set an original record after balancing 27 spoons on his body, and now, the man has broken his own record by balancing 53 spoons. The man says that he is able to attract metal objects to his body and doesn’t have plans to stop at spoons.

"When the time comes I am going to move an airplane, then an empty train carriage, something like this, I won't reveal all my cards at once," said Elchiyev.

The man claims that he has the “power” to do these things, but many don’t believe it’s possible.


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