Magician Uses Magic To Avoid Speeding Ticket (Video)


The solution to America's police woes might be the ever-underrated Rubik's Cube.

Magician Steven Brundage posted a video to YouTube over the weekend showing him providing some lighthearted entertainment to New York police officers during a recent traffic stop. Brundage was pulled over for going 42 mph in a 30-mph zone.

The video starts with Brundage boasting to the officers about his Rubik’s Cube skills. He insists he can solve the cube in one second flat. Instead of brushing off Brundage’s claims and writing him a ticket, the officers tell Brundage to step out of the car and show off his skills.

First, Brundage solves the cube in 20 seconds. Then, true to his word, he performs a trick for the officers in which he “solves” the cube in just one second. Luckily for Brundage, the officers were pretty impressed with his skills. Judging by the fact that his video is titled “Magician gets out of Speeding Ticket with Magic!”, we’re guessing Brundage is pretty happy about all those hours he spent alone in his room twisting Rubik’s Cubes.

Here’s the video:

Sources: YouTube, Reddit


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