Magician Performs Generous Trick For Homeless Veteran (Video)


In a new viral YouTube video, magician Rob Anderson walks up to a homeless U.S. Army veteran and rips his sign to pieces, then turns the shreds into money.

Army veteran Alan McCracken was honorably discharged from the U.S. Army but ended up homeless in Las Vegas. Those who know the veteran often say he enjoys making people smile, even if they don’t give him money.

In a video posted to YouTube, McCracken can be seen holding a sign that reads: “Homeless… anything helps.” When Anderson approaches, he takes the sign and scribbles dollar signs on it with magic marker, then rips it to pieces.

Without getting upset, McCracken asks if he can keep the magic marker to make a second sign. Instead, Anderson restores the sign, which is suddenly filled with money.

“How did you do that?” McCracken asks in astonishment. “That’s so cool man!”

Anderson later set up a GoFundMe account for McCracken, which has almost reached its $10,000 goal. The idea is that the account can fund McCracken for three months so that he can have a home base and search for a job.

Since it was filmed, the video has accumulated almost 2 million views.

Sources: The Blaze, KDVR


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