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Magician Dynamo’s London Levitation Secret Revealed (Video)

Magician Dynamo wowed London passersby with his crazy levitation trick, performed on the side of a double decker bus that was driving throughout the city.

Pedestrians stopped and stared after Dynamo seemingly rises up off of the ground and latches onto the bus. Slack-jawed Londoners captured him on their smartphones, and all other devices as he went on a joyride through town. It was, as one may suspect, quite the sight.

Now, though, has cracked the case, and has divulged Dynamo’s secret online.

“Look at the arm holding onto the bus in the footage. Look at it closely,” they write. “It's a FAKE!” The particular arm, they say, is actually a “metal pole that has been fastened to the bus and is supporting Dynamo's weight while he holds on” with the other arm. His real arm, they explain, was tucked into his chest.

The news channel notes that though we see Dynamo rise up in the beginning of the video, there aren’t actually any people around at that time, which left enough of a chance to make the switch.

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