Madrid's San Isidro Festival Cancelled After Three Matadors Injured

For the first time in 35 years, Madrid’s San Isidro Festival has been cancelled after bulls trampled and gored three different matadors.

Bull fighting itself is extremely dangerous, and in recent years, attendance to fights and festivals like San Isidro have dwindled because more people are aware that most bulls are killed in the process. This time around, however, three different matadors were seriously injured by the bulls they were set to fight, and now, the rest of the festival has been cancelled.

"The festival had to be suspended…because of the gorings suffered by the three matadors,” read a statement from the venue where the incidents took place. “In the 68-year history of San Isidro, two bullfights have been suspended for gorings of matadors, both in 1979.”

In all three incidents, the matadors were severely injured by the bulls. The first time around, matador David Mora was tossed to the ground as the bull stabbed its horn deep into his leg.

“The somersault was horrific, shocking, chilling, impossible for the human eye to witness yet evident to the mind,” wrote journalist Antonio Lorca of the ordeal.

Mora was the most seriously injured out of the three, and as the venue’s surgeon explained, he had to undergo a major operation and needed a blood transfusion as a result.

“The goring in the femoral vein placed his life in danger,” said surgeon Maximo Garcia Padros of Mora’s injury. “If you don't act it empties like an open tap, but that's why we are here.”

The two other matadors that were injured, Antonio Nazare and Saúl Jiménez Fortes, were able to kill their bulls before seeking medical treatment.

Sources: Daily Mail, Press TV, The Guardian


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