Macy's Hides Black Santa From Public, Won't Discuss Him (Video)


Most shoppers at Macy's flagship store in Manhattan do not know there is a black Santa Claus, because he can only be found with the help of the store's employees.

Amy K. Smith of recently went on a trek inside the store to find the black Santa, who is also referred to as the "special Santa."

Smith went through the Santaland exhibit in the store for the white Santa, but when it came to finding the black Kris Kringle, it took extra work (video below).

According to Smith, "Macy’s doesn’t reveal black Santa’s location the way they do the white Santa. It’s not advertised in any newspapers or even on their website in very small print next to an asterisk. Inside the dizzying Santaland maze, the walls are adorned with traditional (white) Christmas scenes... There is zero evidence the black Santa even exists."

When Smith asked the white Santa if there was a special Santa, the white Kris Kringle stated, "Well that’s me. I’m the special Santa, the everyday Santa, the good-looking Santa, the ugly Santa... to everybody.”

Smith asked an elf to help her find the “special” Santa, but he had to go find a woman not dressed as an elf who guided Smith through a maze of corridors to the black Santa who was greeting a black girl and her mother.

Moments after Smith met the black Santa, she says an "older white man in a suit stepped into the room. He said we needed to go through Macy’s publicity department in order to shoot video, and then he followed us out the door of Santaland until we arrived at the photo processing center."

The New York Daily News contacted Macy’s publicity department, which refused acknowledge the existence of a black Santa Claus.

“It is not Macy’s policy to have Santa speak about race or religion,” said Elina Kazan, Macy's VP of media relations.

Employees at Macy's Santaland said that shoppers have to tell an elf that they'd like to see the "special Santa."

Sources: and The New York Daily News


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