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Macy's Fined Nearly $1M After Factory Employer is Decapitated

Macy’s Corporate Services has reached a settlement and will pay a $950,000 fine after one of its employees was decapitated by machinery at a distribution center in California.

The company pleaded no contest on Monday to a misdemeanor charge of corporate criminal liability after 65-year-old Ray Polanco died in 2009 while operating a cardboard baling and compactor machine in its East Los Angeles distribution center, reports the Chicago Tribune. Polanco was reportedly decapitated and crushed to death by the machine’s hydraulic compacting ram after he fell into an unguarded opening in the unit.

Since the man’s tragic death, the baler -- which is used to compact waste for recycling -- has been modified so that it runs without interruption.

In addition to paying the fine, Macy’s has agreed to conduct an audit of its balers and compactors at all of its California stores and distribution sites, reports Consumerist. The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office will have to approve the audit.

Macy’s will pay the almost $1 million fine at a hearing set to take place on Aug. 15.

Sources: Chicago Tribune, Consumerist

Photo Credit: Mike Mozart/Flickr, Nicholas MiMaio


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