Man Cuts Off Hand Of Home Invasion Suspect (Photo)


A man loses his hand after reportedly breaking into another man's home.

After two men allegedly attempted a home invasion in Northampton County, Pennsylvania, one of the reported attackers left without a hand, as reported by Lehigh Valley Live.

According to the victim’s father, Robert Imbody, his son was engaged in a life-or-death struggle. Imbody said on July 2, his son, Troy, had left the basement doors unlocked. The reported attackers were wearing masks, so when Troy saw them, he figured the suspects were friends of his who were trying to play a prank on him.

"They attacked him," Robert said. "They got the short end of the stick. [...] My son wasn't playing. He was fighting for his life. They just wanted to rough him up. My kid wasn't going for it. They got more brutal, my son ended it."

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As the attack got increasingly more aggressive, Robert said his son “defended himself with a knife.” Several minutes into the incident, Robert heard the door rattle and went outside, approximately five to ten feet away from the suspects.

"I yelled at them,” he recalled. “One of them pointed a silver gun at me."

The weapon was later found to be a BB gun.

About 25 minutes after the reported home invasion, one of the suspects was taken to Lehigh Valley Hospital-Muhlenberg in Bethlehem to be treated for a severed hand and lacerations.

"I'd say they picked the wrong house," Robert said. "My son may be soft-spoken and gentle, but he's going to defend himself. That's my boy."

Nothing has been reported missing from the residence. Police are trying to determine a motive for the attack.

"I don't have a Rolls Royce outside or a safe in the basement," Robert said. "It started out as intimidation. My son kicked it up a notch and they didn't know what to do."

According to Northampton Borough Police Chief Ronald Morey, the hospitalized suspect is facing charges of burglary, aggravated assault, simple assault, criminal trespassing, and reckless endangerment. Another man involved in the attack has also been taken into police custody.

Hand-drawn signs have been placed on Troy’s front door that say "Come wit two, leave wit one" and "Beware of Troy."

"I think the message is clear – you aren't welcome here," Robert said.

Sources: Lehigh Valley Live, (2) / Photo credit: Lehigh Valley Live

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