22-Year-Old Macedonian Man Chops Off Own Penis After Girlfriend Told Him He Was Not Good In Bed


A Macedonian man cut off his penis and threw it in a trash can after his girlfriend broke up with him due to lack of skills in the bedroom.

Oliver Ilic, 22, was told that he was no good in bed so he allegedly mutilated himself then threw the remains away, Metro reports.

The man told doctors he believes his small penis was to blame for the split. Ilic called emergency services after he could not stop the bleeding and was taken to a hospital in the east Macedonian town of Kocani.

Police searched his house and found the severed organ in a dustbin after it had been sliced off using a razor blade.

Ilic was transferred to a hospital in the capital Skopje, where surgeons were able to sew the member back after a complicated five-hour surgery, the Daily Mirror reports.

However, it was too early to know if the man’s organ would ever work properly again.

According to news.com.au, this isn’t the first time a Macedonian man has chopped off his penis.

A 40-year-old man did the same thing recently, but in his case the penis was not reattached because he flushed it down a toilet.

Sources: MetroDaily Mirrornews.com.au

Image Credits: australscope via news.com.auAntediluvial/Flickr


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