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Check Out The Receipt Comment That Got This Worker Fired (Photo)

A worker at a restaurant in Lynchburg, Virginia, reportedly wrote four words on a cook order that cost her a job.

After J.R. Creasy called Macado’s Sunday to place an order for wings, he says a friend picked up the food and brought it back to his home. As he began to eat the wings, he says he discovered a piece of paper on his food that he wasn’t supposed to see: it contained his wing order and the words “Make for black person” beneath it, reports ABC 13.

Creasy posted the receipt to Facebook, where the image quickly went viral. One of his friends reportedly contacted the restaurant’s manager, who says he confronted the female worker. She reportedly didn’t deny writing the message on the cook order slip and, according to Macado’s Director of Operations and Human Resources Kevin Clark, she was fired from her position.

Clark told ABC 13 that Macado’s does not stand for harassment and misconduct and that the employee’s action is not a reflection of the company.

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Source: ABC 13/Photo Credit: ABC 13,


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