Elementary School's Decision To Cancel Trip To See 'The Nutcracker' Over Religious Content Reversed


A school in Belmont, Massachusetts, has reversed an earlier decision to cancel a trip to see “The Nutcracker” after receiving complaints from parents.

The Butler Elementary School PTA held a meeting this week to discuss the matter after they decided to cancel the trip, which has been a tradition at the school for a long time. Some parents allegedly were told that they were being discriminatory if they allowed their children to go see the show, as it contained religious content, including a Christmas tree on stage.

At the meeting, however, many parents stood up for the trip, noting that no student was forced to go see the show if their parents didn’t want them to.

“I went once as a kid as well,” said parent Adam Campana to WHDH. “I think it's anybody's choice. They should still offer it but you don't have to go if you don't like.”

Some of the parents believe that the school secretly cancelled the trip without informing them of the issue first, but PTA Co-President Barbara Bulfoni says that the issue, which has come up in the past, was made clear to parents.

“In the past years there were parents complaints as 'The Nutcracker' has a religious content,” said Bulfoni. “I think we clarified with the parents.”

Now that the trip is back on, many parents fear that the issue may come up again in years to come. Still, parents say that the longstanding tradition to see the ballet is enjoyed by the children who choose to participate. WHDH reports that a PTA board member is considering stepping down over the controversial issue.

Sources:WHDH, Boston.com / Photo Sources: WHDH, Boston.com


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