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MA Police Apologize After Accusing Man Of Faking Photo Of Trooper's Racist Bumper Sticker

A Massachusetts man was shocked recently to see a controversial bumper sticker on the back of a state trooper’s vehicle.

Chris Kantos was taking a walk in Boston one morning when he stumbled upon a state trooper’s car, and on the back, a bumper sticker read, “Racial Profiling Saves Lives.”

Kantos was stunned by the discovery, so he decided to take a picture of the car and tweet it at the Massachusetts State Police. Initially, instead of owning up to the sticker, the state police tried to turn it around on Kantos.

“Uknown to Tpr assigned cruiser, we checked immediately. No bumper sticker. #photoshopfail,” tweeted the department along with a picture of the cruiser sans bumper sticker.

Kantos was surprised that the police accused him of photoshopping, but he knew his picture was legitimate.

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“Why on earth would I photoshop something like that?” said Kantos, who noted that the picture was time stamped.

Later, the Massachusetts State Police realized their mistake and tweeted back at Kantos with an apology.

“An [investigation] revealed that unknown subj placed sticker on Tprs cruiser,” tweeted the department. “Tpr removed same as soon as he saw it, reported same to his supervisor. Sorry for any earlier confusion of authenticity.”

It’s not clear if the police were able to determine how the sticker got on the car in the first place, but it does appear that it has been taken off the vehicle.

Sources: The Blaze, Boston Magazine


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