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North Dakota Man Gets Stabbed During Threesome

A North Dakota man stabbed his partner last Friday after he refused to switch positions during a threesome.

According to the Smoking Gun, Ashley Hunter, 33, was charged with felony aggravated assault for allegedly stabbing Orlando DeWitt, 37, in the arm. The strange incident happened on February 8.

Police have said that Hunter and DeWitt met in prison. The two jail buddies were partying with several female acquaintances at a bar in Fargo, N.D., and then went back to Hunter’s home sometime in the early morning. They reportedly stopped at local McDonalds on the way.

Upon getting back to Hunter’s residence, Dewitt said that he and one of the women “began kissing on the couch.” This led to the two having sex. Dewitt noted that he saw Hunter watching what was happening from the confines of his bedroom.

At some point, Hunter emerged from his bedroom and started to get involved in the action. The woman “began to perform oral sex on Hunter,” even while Dewitt continued to have sex with her.

This arrangement didn’t last long.

“Hunter then asked to switch places with Orlando,” according to a Fargo Police Department report. “Orlando told him no and Hunter became upset.” The two got in an argument and Hunter ordered Dewitt to leave.

Things quickly got even more hectic when Hunter grabbed a butcher knife that was apparently stashed nearby. He chased Dewitt and the woman, both of whom were nude, for a few minutes and then Dewitt tried to make a break for it.

He made it to the front door, but as he “went to open the exterior door he felt the knife cutting the back of his left arm.” DeWitt was not seriously injured and he used the woman’s cellphone to call 911 from a nearby alley.

Hunter was charged with DeWitt’s stabbing and booked into the Cass County jail in lieu of $5000 bail. He remains behind bars in advance of a March 13 court appearance.

Source: (The Smoking Gun)


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