Lynda Farley Drives More Than 5,000 Miles To Fight $56 Traffic Ticket, Finally Gets Win In Court


A woman from Kentucky who drives what is known as the “Liberty Van” just wasn’t going to accept the traffic ticket she received last year.

Lynda Farley, the self-proclaimed "Smoking Granny" was ticketed by New Jersey State Police on Sept. 12, 2012, as she drove through Warren County on her way back from New York City's Sept. 11 ceremonies, according to

However, the 62-year-old from Kentucky, wasn’t going to accept the $56 obstructed-view traffic ticket and Fox News reports that she drove more than 100 hours in her nearly 10-year-old vehicle and covered 5,000 miles to fight it.

Farley’s minivan is plastered with political signs and trinkets. There are anti-Obama messages, posters that talk of repealing smoking bans and other messages on topics such as gun rights and individual liberties. The only spaces left untouched are the front windows and windshield.

Farley initially fought the ticket to no avail in Allamuchy Township Municipal Court and was ordered March 19 to pay the fines. However, during an appeal hearing on Tuesday, the ticket was tossed out by a judge who doesn’t think Farley’s vehicle should be on the road.

"Ms. Farley, I wouldn't want my grandchildren walking behind your car," Judge Ann Bartlett said before ruling Farley's view through the windshield wasn't hindered by the signs and figurines that cover the vehicle.

Farley’s fight over the ticket reportedly included her driving from Kentucky to New Jersey four or five times in recent months.

"If I hadn't won this appeal, I would have appealed it again," Farley said. "I'm not going to quit driving (the van)."

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