Bill Maher Gets Owned by George Will on Oil


Lead in, by Brad Schaeffer at Big Hollywood on May 2:

Anyone watching today's installment of ABC's morning news program This Week had to feel some measure of pity for out-spoken left wing elite Bill Maher, making his first appearance on the show as a round table guest.

The condescending comic left the warm cocoon of his Real Time studio (which he routinely packs with like-minded far-left guests and an obsequious studio audience one would think hand-picked by and made the horrific blunder of allowing his abject ignorance and ideological blindness to be systematically exposed by the dissecting and relentless cross-examinations of conservative thinker George Will. And on network television no less!

Schaeffer continued...

The acerbic Maher is used to making outrageous and factually empty statements on his HBO talk-show and getting nothing but an approving nod from his guests and howls of affirmation from his unwashed peanut gallery in return. But when he made this claim: "I could criticize America in general for not attacking this problem [dependency on fossil fuels] in the Seventies. I mean, Brazil got off oil in the last thirty years we certainly could've," he was woefully ill-prepared to be called out on it by the acutely observant Will who pressed him: "Bill, can you just explain to me in what sense Brazil 'got off oil'?"

It was an uncomfortable moment of reality TV as Maher played the proverbial deer in headlights. "Uh...I believe they did. I believe they, in the Seventies they had a program to use sugar cane ethanol and I believe that is what fuels their country." A Ralph Kramden "hamana-hamana" could not have betrayed less command of the issue. Will promptly reminded the comedian: "They still burn a lot of oil and have a lot of it off-shore."

In case Maher needs some help, EIA statistics show that Brazil produces 2.4 million barrels of oil per day and consumes roughly 2.52mm bpd-ranking it #8 on the list of oil consuming nations....


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