Luis Brignoni Shoots, Kills, Dismembers Dog That Swallowed Son's Finger (Video)


Luis Brignoni shot, killed and dismembered his pet dog after the Malamute-wolf mix bit off his son’s pinky finger and swallowed it whole on Friday in Bradenton, Florida (video below).

According to WTSP-TV, Luis shot the dog in the head and split it open, soon after learning that his son Fernando, 11, lost his finger to the family pet.

"So I start cutting her open and they're helping me look for the finger inside the stomach," said Luis.

Fernando claimed the dog attacked him when he stuck his fingers into its cage. After the finger was retrieved, Fernando was airlifted to Tampa General Hospital, reports the Bradenton Herald.

Doctors were not able to reattach it, but did graft the skin from his forearm to the injured area.

“He might be missing a finger, but his other four are good,” said Luis. “'Cause God is good, you know. He still has four fingers to do everything that he can do with five. He can do with four.”

Sources: WTSP-TV and Bradenton Herald


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